Crowns and Bridges

Tooth-Colored Fillings and Crowns

Damaged Or A Decayed Tooth

If you have a damaged or a decayed tooth, our dentists can restore your oral health and dental function with a custom-made, natural looking dental crown or filling. Made with the latest materials and advanced technology, you can typically receive your same-day crown in less than an hour.

Who Needs a Filling or Crown?

Fillings are recommended for patients with a small or medium-sized cavity. If untreated, the cavity will grow, eventually causing more damage, and potentially developing into a serious infection that will ultimately destroy the tooth’s lifeline. For more severe structural damage, very large cavities, significant enamel erosion, or a tooth that requires root canal therapy, your dentist will recommend a dental crown. We can also use crowns to replace missing teeth, either by way of an independent implant or a crown and bridge appliance.
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Benefits of Fillings and Crowns

In addition to relieving your pain, restoring your damaged tooth with a filling or crown can:

  • Eliminate bacterial infection
  • Prevent further damage
  • Reduce risk of serious health complications from infection
  • Structurally strengthen your tooth
  • Restore good occlusion
  • Restore comfort and function

Compared to metal fillings, tooth-colored composite will match the natural look of your teeth and bond more securely, while allowing us to preserve the optimal amount of healthy tooth structure. Additionally, composite resin will not expand and contract in response to temperature. This reduces the risk for tooth cracks, which are associated with metal fillings.
If you have a cracked or weakened tooth, a dental crown can repair the damage incurred, improve your ability to drink and chew, strengthen the tooth, and restore the aesthetics of your smile with the tooth-colored materials used.

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